Thursday, September 24, 2015

Planning (somewhat) spinning for a Project

My Guild was having a contest, the Orange Challenge,  the items on the person and the wall are part of that.  They will be exhibited at Art Point. And many of them will be for sale Nov 14 at our annual show and sale.

I don't like orange much,  I didn't have much orange yarn or fibre, so I decided to use up what I had.

This is Sally Melville's Universal Vest a wonderful garment,  it has pockets and is becoming to all body types.  It also shows off handspun very well.  Notice the brown stripe on the front and the edging on the collar.  Didn't intend to knit this, I planned to do L'enveloppe and I know roughly how much yarn it takes, 670 g. garter stitch takes a lot of yarn. 

 This is the fibre I started with, red, yellow, orange and brown, some Angelia glitter Copper.

I choose to use the neutral brown, to darken the blend and to bridge to useing brown if I ran out of the blend.
 That's the batts, though they look different they actually have the same amount of each colour roughly, the difference is created by the layering in the batts.  Love drum carders.

Spun the yarn from the batts across the top, which blended the colours nicely.

First skein, 2 ply both plys Orange

Still thinking I don't have enough fibre, I spun brown singles and plyed with the all orange.

By this time I have changed the project I wanted to knit and I was in a hurry,  I didn't weight these skeins.

Then I looked at the Pattern,  what can I adapt to allow for running out.

Sally writes to knit one pocket first, I didn't, I did the pockets last. In solid brown, they don't show.

The vest is knit from one side to the other, I used a couple of the orange skeins on one side, and the back then I did the the other side useing the brown and orange and joined then useing a Cowichan cast off in the 2 ply brown,  that's the brown stripe.  It makes a good decorative element.

Saved a skein of the orange and brown 2 ply for the collar, That collar is ideal for playing yarn chicken,  It could be done with something quite different if you wanted.

But I still ran out of yarn, I could have stopped when I ran out,  an other yarn chicken method but I wanted the full, full collar, and next time I will knit it even longer.  Cast on enough stitches to give the width I wanted and garter stitched all the way to the other side of the collar, Knitting 2 together to join. Then I did the pockets.

Using the Brown in the orange blend, and then in the 2 ply orange and then by itself as a 2 ply  works, draws the whole thing together.

Total weight is 650 g or 23 OZ,  I don't know how much the metallic fibre added to the weight.

I wish I had weighted the parts, fronts, back and collar,  the proportions would be handy to know.

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