Tuesday, September 22, 2015

East Side Studio Crawl

 Last Saturday's East Side Studio Crawl was a joy and delight.  Weather was good, the Guild had more than 150 people though the doors.

We did demonstrations and exhibited our work.

Above is a felted hat in progress.
And felted items finished.
 The new peg loom was shown off and used.  This new weaver taught by Siri, was completely enthralled.
 Of course we had spinners showing off our skills.  One of the things the public was very interested in was the source of all our fibres,  yes there are sheep in Alberta.
 There items from the Orange Challenge were exhibited, beautifully displayed.  And got a lot of interest.
 This is a Ruana, it has an open front, done as part of this summer's weaving workshop.
Lucille is teaching Tapestry this fall but not at the Guild, maybe some other time.

People were very interested in the simplicity of this loom and the process.

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