Thursday, March 25, 2010

CPL 2.0

I am very fond of computers both personally and professionally, a computerphile as it were, I've been using them and teaching how to use them for 15 years, back to when Yahoo Directory was the very best thing.  One of the reasons I am a computerphile is my memories of the horrors of manuel typewriters, carbon paper and library catalogues on little cards.  Will the people who take computers for granted, who never centred a heading by backspacing, who never filed or pulled those cards, will they love and appreciate computers, don't think so.

One of the things I love that really didn't exist before the internet are blogs. the closest equivalent were some newspaper columnists, Richard Needham in the Mop and Pail, Gary Lautens.  Some of my favorites are knitting blogs, Stephanie Mcphee from Toronto, Franklin and Dolores they are a mix of personal details and great knitting pictures and cartoons.  For a more serious insight into the world I read William Salatin but he is one of the writers that confuses the issue of what a blog is, it's part of the magazine Slate it's editoral in nature.  A friend of mine from northern alberta whose yarn makes great socks has a blog about her life, and cute grandkids.