Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maker Faire

Participated in the Calgary Makers Faire  yesterday, and remembered to take pictures.  It was wonderful,  more than 50 displays from Lego to 3D printers.  Excellent organization, great site inside and outside at the Old  Simmons Mattress factory and warm weather.

I was there as part of my guild and SJ and I exhibited our work and demonstrated rug hooking, spinning and knitting. 

I got a couple of new makers started. 

As an afterthought I took some silk cocoons,  the kind you can shake and hear the dead silk worm rattle around inside,  a great hit with kids.

I am pleased I remembered to take pictures at all but I wish I had taken more of the other Makers.

This is a Walking Wheel in action, made from bike parts, the spindle is a Knitting needle and the white blob centring the drive band is hockey tape.

These guys thought to bring there own comfortable chairs,  no matter how good the organization of an event, the chairs are always horrible. 

Then I packed everything back up in my wagon and went home.
 I don't drive, I don't want to drive, it's amazing how many people think it is hard or impossible transport things without a motor vehicle.  I enjoy the looks and comments I get trundling a  wheel around.  One friendly guy recognize a wheel and called me a yarner.

The Mattress Factory is a wonderful space,  the interior beams are original  and impressive.