Sunday, September 13, 2015

Planning a demonstration, In Pink

Sept 19 is the East Calgary Studio Crawl and Heritage Weavers my fibre guild is one of the open houses.

I volunteered to do a demonstration of colour blending on a drum carder,  I love doing demonstrations, or spinning and knitting in public.

But before demonstrating something it is a good idea to try it out.

My dyeing, 30 gr of  fuchsia on the left, 5 gr of silk, 5 grams of mohair, not dyed by me, and 5 gr each of dark and little gray, dyed by the sheep. 50 gr total.

The pinks were blended evenly across the drum, and light gray on one side, bottom of the picture, dark on the others side.

Dizzed off to make roving nests.

Two nests make a 100 gram ball of 2 ply graduated from light to dark.
It's more red than I thought it would be  and the shade change is less pronounced.

I have 2 lb of the the fuchsia wool, A lb each of the 2 grays,  My limiting factor is the silk and mohair.

The goal is enough to knit a swirl and that's a lot.

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