Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raverly Post

I have to write a blog, and one of the first entries is about why, my employer a large public library wants me to. And they are willing to let me do some of it, the part that they require while I am at work, so it's quite fair.
But it leads to a rather mixed and thematically confused blog. Web sites reviews, including one of Raverly, book reviews, my musings on doing blogs and private journals, and my knitting and spinning. I am going to try to title entries so that if a reader is only interested in the knitting they can avoid me going on about Lucy Maud Montgomery and her journals. But she was a knitter, so maybe knitters would be interested.

I plan to write about what interests me at the moment, and for the next 12 weeks what interests my employer, I'd like to be read but it isn't the only reason I am doing it.
I just posted this to a large social site called Raverly mostly to find out if it would work.

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  1. I like your blog Jani. Just one note for you - switch the rl to lr and you will have Ravelry and then your links will work. Right now if someone clicks the link, they get one of those "this page cannot be found" links.