Friday, April 30, 2010

Remix and Wikipedia

I like and respect Wikipedia, have for years, it has articles about subjects that no sane person would expect a serious and accurate, neutral point of view article about,  Eve Dallas, a fictional person, a list of books that have never been written , viking methods of torture using simple household equipment.  It has some odd gaps, there is no article on the Old Y Center for Community Organizations, it has some weak entries, not inaccurate but not good enough like the one for Calgary Public Library.
Remix; making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy by Lawrence Lessig is about music copyright law, a subject about which I know very little and care very little.  Lessig makes me care more than I did but it's the other subjects that he touches in passing that intrigue me. Why people contribute to Wikipedia, how it achieves that accurate, neutral point of view and it's history.
Lessig is a law professor who writes for law journals and blogs, he is very funny about the difference in readership and makes some interesting points about the value of blogging, not to the reader but to the writer.

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