Sunday, April 4, 2010

How much is to much, soft ware and the brain

How many software programs and web sites can one person be reasonably expected to be able to use, to know how to use?

This blog was begun as part of an educational program for Calgary Public Library staff, for details go to , I mention this for people if any, who come to this blog because of the knitting or the book reviews or because they are members of my family. The program is designed to train staff in a number of social websites, the internet 2.0 so that we can help the public. It's a version of .

I started to think about this question because I don't like, don't use well, and don't really want to put the effort into learning to use well a site called On my ToDo list are a number of items that boil down to "learn this", I use a number of sites and programs that I don't use as well as I would like, and that list is getting longer not shorter. Getting an avatar on my social sites has been on my ToDo list for about 2 years.

What do I already have in my elderly brain?

The Cpl circulation program, the Cpl homepage the catalogue and my account, Windows Internet Explorer, Google, Gmail, Google Maps, Yahoo mail, and 2 versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, both the 03 and the 07 versions, Quick books, Quicken, Quick Tax, , Windows Photo Gallery, Flickr,, and Blogger. That's just the ones I use and/or teach regularly. Some of these programs I love, some I dislike, some are not my own choice, but there they are in that gray mass.

What's your list like?

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