Sunday, October 30, 2016

I am a socialist, an NDPer from way back, what does this have to do with textile arts?   I believe that creativity, and the expression of creativity should be available to everyone, meaning that not everybody can afford a loom or has a place to put it.  I also think it's a waste of resources for individuals to own a lot of equipment though vital and enjoyable to have.  Joint ownership, that's the thing.

 This is the latest price of equipment that I am using at the Calgary guild  . It's a rag cutter, I am doing a saori weaving on a rigid heddle loom.

The guild has a lot resources for it's members.  Either free with membership or for rent.

This is a beautiful warp, hand dyed by a member on a 100 inch Leclerc loom.  Not something that most people have room for.  and it is available with membership.

I am moving to a very small space in the not to distant future so shared useful space is an important thing to me personally but it is also something we need to have more of as a culture.

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