Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weaving and other things

 I am now a weaver, not yet on a floor loom or doing anything but plain weave.  The theory is weaving uses yarn up faster than knitting.

For those who like to know exactly what they are looking at, the loom is a Schacht flip, the widest model.  I am using my Ashford country spinner 2 to hold it comfortably, the yarn is Briggs and Little in 2 different weights.  In the bottom left is adding machine tape used to measure the length of the scarf.
I love the Country Spinner, mostly I ply on it cause I only have one bobbin,  but what a bobbin it is, there is more than 700 gr and room for more on it.This is the yarn.  The crocheted table runner was done by my Grandmother in the 1940's.  She also made at least 2 tablecloths about 6 by 9 feet.  I have some of her crochet hooks, I can't see the hook it's so small.

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