Monday, November 9, 2015

Calgary Fibre Arts Fair

The 2 nd Annual Calgary Fibre Arts Fair was last weekend. I did not buy any yarn and proud of it. Sorry lovely yarn sellers  But this is my attempt to control the Stash.

Above is 250 grams of Dream in Colour, Superwash Merino for my dreamed of Baby Surprise Jacket.
Here are 3 mohair.  From a local breeder of Angoras, Mountain Sunset Angoras in Pincher Creek. Kindly and ethically raised.  they don't have a web site so I can't hotlink them.  Google them for contact info.

150 Grams

And 200 grams of soft, soft Alpaca from KathFish Fibre Arts

150 grams of Corridale

750 grams into the stash.

But if my yarn and blended fibre sells well at the Heritage Weavers Sale at in the Art Point Gallery that might be as much as 3154 grams out of the stash.

Into others peoples stash but that is not my problem.

I am unfortunately for me,  of the generation and location that switches between grams and the old imperial measurements, The 20 lb challenge is 9 kilograms and some.

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