Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vitals and Neutrals Part One

The last time I was at Madrona I took a class from Judith MacKenzie.  Before the class started she was choosing and arranging colors in a fabulous blend of luxury fibres.  Asked what she would combine with the bright yellow green, she choose the other 3.

I bought the bag partly as a beloved souvenir and it has remained in my stash.

It's a problem, small amount, difficult, demanding but vital colours.  What would I do with the resulting yarn and the dreaded Will I have enough.

Neutrals, Neutrals are the answer.

What Are Neutrals?

In general, neutrals include black, white, gray (mix black with white and you've got gray) and different shades of brown. Nowadays a color can be called a neutral based on how effectively it can blend in with other colors. Basically, they match with all colors and color combinations - and don't create much of an emotion.
Examples are: Navy (where would we be without our blue denim jeans?), cream, camel, olive, silver and gold. These go with anything and you can never go wrong with wearing them for various occasions because of their sleekness factor.  Quote from chic fashionista

Far be it from me to disagree with some one who is chic cause I am not,  but not all neutrals work with all colours, white can be a very difficult colour.

This summer I bought 600 g of that lovely gray in the background.  It's close to the same fibre blend and should spin to a very similar yarn, and I will have enough.

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