Thursday, July 9, 2015

20 lb challenge

    Back to blogging after a long gap, a basement destroying flood and a year long major illness will do that to a person,  My basement studio is back better than ever, and I'm fine.

    Just got back from Olds Fibre Week, missed last year.  Wonderful.  As usual I went a bit crazy at the Merchant Mall  BUT I did keep to my resolution. Only fibre, no yarn.

     But piled on the hotel room bed is roughly 20 lbs of glorious fibre, so now I have a new resolution, before next year, before I allow myself to purchase any more fibre, I have to spin 20 lbs.
Not the same 20 lbs, fibre from the stash counts but 20 lbs.

     I thought about resolving to knit 20 lbs but that might be a bridge to far.

    It's very hot here and spinning is cooler than knitting, plus the Tour De France is on, my favorite spinning entertainment so I have made a good start.

Started with these 1 lbs bags from a great and local supplier, the sheep are all raised close by.
Two colours of Icelandic, Shetland, Romney and far right a Jacob.

Pin Drafted Cotswold utterly lovely
 from a mill no longer in business

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