Thursday, March 8, 2012

A very long mistake

I thought about this, I thought long and hard.  Carefully chosen colours, lovely yarn, an interesting and creative idea, a method I have used many times.  I checked along the way to make sure it was working out as planned.  I even carefully weighted it when I had done 3 rows of blocks to get an average weight per row, so I could tell if I had enough yarn.  I have enough yarn, what I don't have is the ability to notice the most obvious thing.

The red, brown and orange sweater underneath  is a good length, the bottom is mid thigh on me.  The back of the neck is lined up, The bottom of the fushia, pink and blue sweater is a long, long way down.  The picture in my mind has it just below the knee, so much for my mind.

An ankle length sweater has a certain elegance but this is going to stretch, and stretch and stretch more, I know it will.
It was knit on interchangeable needles, my beloved knitter's pride set using very long cords.  The cords are still in the piece and they keep it from being as long as it could be.
One of the reasons I love interchangeable needles and long cords is how easy it can be to try on unfinished things,  why didn't I try it on?
It got spread out, it's picture was taken to show how nicely the back of the neck and the bottom hem were developing.  Somehow, while measuring to get the back of the neck the right width, which happened, the whole at least 6 foot length of it got ignored.

But the creative idea worked out well,  interchangeable needles got interchanged every 6 units making the entrelac modules bigger towards the bottom.  There is at least a 2 inch difference from the back of the neck on the bottom of the picture to  the 7 units on the hem line.  It's is a shame that the hem line would drag in the mud.
And I presume to teach. 

Yes, a course called Explicating Entrelac at at Colour Conspiracy   

Come if you dare.

I can't decide if i should rip it out now or save it for the class as a horrible example.

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  1. It'll be difficult now, but I'll try to put you back up on that knitting pedestal I had you on!

    Funny post!