Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday morning at my guild

 I am a member of a great group the Heritage Weavers and Spinners of Calgary despite the fact that I don't weave, I do spin and dye, as well as knit.  I am also a very, very lucky spinner.

This morning I was the only spinner and a good thing too, at our informal thursday drop in.  A woman donated  6 huge bags of fibre to the guild.

Here it is on the table and the bookcases, I helped carry it in and unpack it.

The Guild has a tradition of members dropping off stuff they won't use, it gets sold to any member who wants it, on an honor system, somewhere in that picture is a battered can with a coin slot in the top.

Being the only spinner and the unpacker I got first dibs.  This is what I hauled home and my vehicle of choice.

I put in a fair donation though not what it's worth retail,  some of it I might end up giving back, some of it I will share with other spinners,  some of it will be it my stash when I die, I have stash beyond life expectance. And I intend to live a long time.

This RED and the picture doesn't do the redness justice must be about 10 lbs, I don't have a scale that works for that much.  It's going to thrums for mittens. Well, not all of it.

This is 5 lbs 10 ozs of Romney.  The donor left just about everything in the original bags which is good idea, it's much easier to use something when you know what it is.

Lastly this is alpacha.

I feel a bit guilty about this, other guild members urged me to take what I wanted and pay what I could,  and there is still a lot there, though more suitable for felting than spinning.

There are a lot of advantages to guild membership, being part of group of people who understand and the occasional lucky day.

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  1. Oh, this is what Valerie was talking about in her email last night. She was saying something about felting fleece and I was instantly wondering if is spinable ;) Tonight I will see what's left.